How I Manifested the Life of my Dreams

Photo by Lemon Drops Photography

Photo by Lemon Drops Photography

As I sat in my big, comfy leather chair today, snuggled up by the fireplace and Christmas tree, waiting to meet with my clients online, I realized something, "I've manifested the life of my dreams!" Holy sh*t! Sorry but how else do you react when you realize something this groovy? 

I recall two years ago, I was in a very dark place. I was not at all where I had hoped to be at this point in my life. I battled with sadness and lack of self-worth daily. Wondering if I'll ever truly find joy in my life. Helplessly, I surrendered into something greater then myself. I started to meditate. I started to write out my desires and visualize them. I would do this daily! Sometimes for 20 minutes but sometimes only for five. I didn't stop there though! I started to take action. I looked at my goals, my desires and broke them down into smaller pieces. I broke them down into bite size chunks and started moving the pieces in the areas I could. 

While it didn't happen overnight, I am now seeing that by shifting my focus (from a place of lack to abundance) and getting clear on what I wanted, I was and am able to create my reality. CREATE MY REALITY! Try that sucker on for size! That is one BIG responsibility, if you ask me. Then again, I wouldn't want anyone else creating my reality.


So, I'd like to share with you these powerful tools so that you too can start to manifest the life of your dreams. Because here's the deal, we might as well live out our purpose and live it out in joy while we're down here on this big planet, floating in the middle of the universe. Dont'cha think? 

  • Get clear on your desires. Spend some time writing out your perfect "DAY IN THE LIFE OF..." Don't hold back, nothing is too big or too small. What do you want to feel, where do you want to be, who is there, what are you wearing, what are you doing, how much money are you making, etc., etc., etc. Get clear and let the Universe know what you desire. 
  • Visualize it! Take some time everyday, even just for two minutes, to think of what you want in your life. Go off of your "Day in the Life Of" story. Imagine yourself doing these things, as though you have already accomplished them. Feel the emotions that come up when you see yourself doing these things, whether it's writing a book or experiencing a sense of great inner peace. ** Please remember that sometimes the things we desire aren't in our best interest, so while you can visualize yourself accomplishing certain things, be open to greater things coming to you. Don't get so set on one thing that you don't see other opportunities that might fit into your life better!
  • Give thanks! Be sure that as you visualize these things or as you write these things out, you are practicing gratitude. Gratitude before, during, and after, my friends! Give thanks for the things which have yet to happen. Give thanks while what you desire is manifesting. Give thanks after you've manifested whatever it is you desire! GRATITUDE IS THE MOTHER LOAD  OF ALL MOTHER LOADS - just sayin'! 
  • Surrender. Like I said, sometimes the Universe has something better in store for us than we could ever imagine. So while you're trying to manifest something, remember to be open + surrender to possibilities greater than what you could ever dream up.