The Art of Practicing

“This morning the snow started falling down so gently and perfectly. I had a thought, "Today is a beautiful day to practice." I loved that thought! Practice. That's what we do each day. Practice. We practice love. We practice patience. We practice acceptance. We practice happiness. We practice abundance. We practice creativity. We practice living a loving life. Sometimes we fall into old patterns, but we regroup and continue to practice, so we can learn the ways of living an abundant, loving and happy life. So enjoy this amazing day and don't take yourself too seriously. After all, we are all just practicing.”

Remember in high school when you had to go to practice for basketball, or volleyball, or track, or whatever else you were participating in? You were practicing for the “big event,” right? Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was easier. When the big event came, maybe it went your way, maybe it didn’t. If it didn’t, you’d get right back to practice the next day. You would  reassess where you can improve, move forward, push hard, and rise above.

This resembles the ways of life in so many ways. Each day, we practice to become better. To become better in so many ways. Sometimes it harder, sometimes it’s easier. Sometimes we fall into old patterns that don’t serve us, sometimes we rise above. We always get back up and reassess what can be improved. Reassess what needs to be practiced.

I love how yoga suggests this idea. You come to practice, no matter how talented, accomplished or established you are in your yoga practice. You remain in that practice mentality. This suggests that we can always continue to learn, it suggests that we are never a master at anything, that there is always room to grow and blossom.

Day in and day out, we practice. We practice love. How to deepen it, how to share it, how to cultivate it, how to love ourselves more deeply, how to love overs more openly, how to let it become our natural state. There are so many ways to practice love. And so, we lovingly practice in each moment.

We practice creativity. How to cultivate it, how to learn from it, how to show it, how to follow it. We practice patience. We practice joy. We practice gratitude. We practice acceptance. We practice abundance, and happiness, and curiosity, and trust and health.

And while we feel as though these things don’t come natural to us, the truth is that these are all things we were born with. Things the Universe made us up of. Things the Universe gave us when we came into this world. We possess all of these naturally, but along the way, we’ve forgotten them. They may be forgotten, but never lost. This is why we continue to practice them. So that we can move closer and closer to our natural state of being.

A state where love, creativity, patience, joy, gratitude, acceptance, abundance, happiness, curiosity, health and all of the other beautiful things of this Universe is natural. Our natural state of being.

And so with that, remember not to take yourself too seriously. Life happens. Life has peaks, valleys and meadows, enjoy each spot. Continue to practice no matter where you find yourself. Laugh when something isn’t perfect or what you expected or wanted it to be. Remember that each day is another amazing opportunity to simply practice.  


Kylee Seifert