The Only Way to Actually Accomplish Your Goals

Photo Lemon Drops Photography

Photo Lemon Drops Photography

Every year, we set goals. And every year, many of them fall to the wayside by the end of February. So, why is that?

What I’ve found is most people are not clear on their WHY. It’s really that simple. Finding clarity on your reasoning, your WHY behind a goal is the only sure fire way to see it through.

Let me explain a bit more. If we don’t have something solid, something that we feel so emotionally attached to, something we would sacrifice anything fore, we have absolutely no skin in the game! However, when we get clear on our why behind our goal, we are unstoppable. We have a purpose, we have a reason to keep going when the going get tough, we have something holding us accountable.

Congrats, you’ve done the first step, setting your goal/s. Now for the MOST important part, getting fierce clarity on your WHY behind your goal. Here’s a step-by-step guide to show you how to get to your why.

  1. What’s your why? Let’s just say your goal is to “lose weight.” Why, because that’s the age old goal and many people can relate to that journey. Great, you want to lose weight. Why?

    1. Well, because I need to get healthy.

  2. Very good, I’m glad to hear. I think health is the most important thing. But, I want to challenge you to take it a step further. Why do you want to get healthy?

    1. Because my doc told me if I don’t lose weight I could end up with diabetes. Because if I get health, not only will I lose weight but I’ll sleep better.

  3. Getting better. Let’s dig a little bit deeper. Why do you want to sleep better and avoid diabetes?

    1. Because I don’t want to put my family through the pain of diabetes and I want to finally have the energy to be there for the people I love.

  4. Now we are getting somewhere. It’s time to form your WHY. This “why” so be so emotionally tied that it can’t be budged or pushed aside with a little cookie. It should make you feel empowered, unstoppable and determined. So, what’s your ULTIMATE why?

    1. To be healthy and present with my family so I don’t miss anything. So I can play with my children. To avoid putting my family through the pain possibly losing me.

The above is just an example. Hopefully, you get the idea. When you get that fail proof, absolutely unshakable reason WHY you’re doing what you do. You won’t have any room or space for error, mistake or failure. Whenever you come back to your why, it should make you stop, drop the cookie, and back away gracefully. 

In the end, without a WHY your goal is just a statement. Make it count. Make it last. Make it worth it.

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