FOUR Tips for FINALLY Losing Weight, Gaining Energy, & Loving Your Body!


This year is going to be different for you, my friend! I just KNOW it. Here's why, you're starting to wake up to the realization that losing weight, gaining energy, and loving your body isn't going to come from a restrictive diet that leaves your depleted, hungry, and falling back into old patterns before you can say "jumbalaya!" So get excited and get your head in the game for good. Here are FOUR tips for FINALLY losing weight, gaining energy, and loving your body for real!

#1: Cut the inflammatory foods - 

This one is so important! What are the inflammatory foods, you might ask? Grains/gluten, legumes, and dairy. These guys have been known to cause inflammation (aka weight gain and storage, loss of energy, lethargy, bloating, gas, digestion upset, and mood swings) in majority of people. Now, you may have a sensitivity to one and not the other but you'll never know unless you nix them for a period of time. I have my clients remove these buggers for at least 21 days to see how they feel. After that, we systematically add them back in to discover which foods are OK and which foods will have to be kept under wraps. 

#2: Let your gut heal - 

For many people, a damaged gut keeps them from losing weight and keeping it off. It also holds them back from their untapped amounts of energy and keeps them feeling down and out. Our gut is directly linked to our brain and when our gut suffers, so does our whole body. A great way to start to heal your gut is implementing step #1, as well as, eating cold-water fish weekly, herbal teas, water, aloe vera juice, taking the necessary gut healing supplements, and getting healthy probiotics into their daily meals. 

#3: Get moving - 

You don't need to go kill yourself, especially if you've been avoiding the gym like the plague. However, it is important to get your body moving. This helps the lymphatic system to move and help you body to heal and detox. It's especially important to begin lifting weights at least three times per week. This will help to build up muscles and let excess weight be gone. Start slow and if you're new to lifting weights, get an expert to help ensure you have proper form to see the best results. 

#4: Cut the stress - 

Whether you're looking to lose weight, improve your sleep, get more energy, or whatever else your goals might be, I can't STRESS (like my play on words there?) enough how important it is to find a way to manage your stress. Practices like yoga, meditation, visualization, breath work, stretching, or socializing with loved ones is a great way to cut back on the stress. I suggest creating a morning routine to get you going and to help you be prepared for the day versus feeling hectic and anxious. I also encourage doing some unwinding exercises before hitting the hay to help calm you and ensure a good nights rest. In my upcoming program, we'll be doing all of the things mentioned above.