5 Steps for Ridding Your Kitchen of Temptation


1. First sweep:

Go through your cupboards and remove any food items you KNOW are unhealthy for you, i.e. chips, cookies, candy, etc. If they are out of the house, they will not end up "falling into your mouth!" Another essential thing to do when emptying your kitchen of items that don't align with your health goals is to get out anything that tempts you. We all have our own vice, you know yours and I know mine! So, if it's in the house, it's gotta go! 

2. Mop up the leftovers:

After cleansing your cupboards of obvious nasty treats and food items, go back through and look through the things you "thought" were good. Start reading the labels and see what you find. What are you looking for? Basically things with additives such as sugar, gluten, artificial ingredients and sweeteners. The old adage reigns true. If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. You may be surprised to find that many of your "healthy" food options have not so healthy things in them. Some examples would be pasta sauce, granola bars, greek or plain yogurt, and more. So be sure to check thoroughly! 

3. Box it up:

Make two boxes; one that will be thrown away and one that you can give away. Here's the thing, I know it's challenging to throw out food. Especially if it hasn't even been opened! To make the blow easier, try to donate some of the foods to charity or to people in need. I know it sounds bad giving others food you do not want to eat but it helps to avoid the guilt of waste. 

4. Freeze those buns: 

Next, do the very same steps to the fridge and freezer. Often times we forget that foods that are kept cold can sometimes be bad news too. For example, most yogurts are laden with nasty sweeteners and things you don't want in your body. Get rid of anything that reads LOW FAT and never buy something with that label AGAIN! Look through any packaged freezer meals or pre-cut frozen mixes and make sure nothing is hiding in them. 

5. Now for the fun part:

Make your grocery list and get your kitchen filled back up with colorful veggies, tasty fats, high-quality meats, and some fresh fruit. Go in with a plan and avoid the center of the grocery store, I know we've ALL heard that before! Get foods that set you up for success and don't tempt you. Trust me, when you're three weeks into creating a healthy eating habit, you will dig high and low just to meet a craving. Luckily for you, they won't be there. You'll finally succeed and the reward will be grand!

I'll go into more detail on how to clean out your cupboards in my upcoming program! Stay tuned for more details & to reserve your spot!

Here's a grocery list for you to use to start your shopping list and to help you know what to eliminate from your kitchen! Happy kitchening! 

WHOLE 30 Grocery List