Fargo Monthly Feature: How to do an At-Home Retreat!


Retreats. You see them everywhere nowadays and my guess is you’re extremely tempted to partake in one, but things get in the way like time, money and the energy to travel. While I’m a firm believer that everyone should treat themselves to a retreat at least once in their life, I also understand the challenges behind retreating, vacating and pressing “pause” on your life.

The immense benefits of treating yourself to a retreat include:

  • resetting the mind, body and spirit
  • recharging our internal battery
  • inspiring creativity and motivation
  • helping to manage and minimize stress
  • improving clarity around situations and questions we may have

Check out the Spirit Sisters Retreat to see if it’s a right fit for you!

When it comes to finding a retreat close by, you’re in luck! The 2nd annual Spirit Sister Retreat is gearing up for this November. However, if you’re unable to attend this retreat or any others, here are seven ways you can gift yourself a retreat from the comfort of your very own home.

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