Want to be a Good Friend? Read This!

Photo by Lemon Drops Photography

Photo by Lemon Drops Photography

Okay, that title may seem a little dramatic. Of course you're a good friend! I'm not about to tell you how to be a better friend... to other people. BUT, I did want to call you out on your relationship with yourself. So tell me, are you a good friend to yourself? 

It sounds silly, I know! Let me explain myself a little better. 

Ya know that voice you subconsciously listen to ALL DAY LONG? You're inner voice of (sometimes not so much) reason. How many times during the day do you find that voice saying, "you're not smart enough," "that outfit makes you look fat," "you shouldn't have eaten that," "did you really just ask that question?" 

My guess is... pretty darn often!

Guess what?! You're not alone, my friend. It's so common for us to have terrible self talk because who better to beat up on then ourselves? 

I've been noticing this within myself a lot lately, as well as with my clients. This inner voice just isn't on the self-love train like you want it to be. So, here's a little, simple tip I like to use and have my clients use. 

When I hear that darn inner voice say something hurtful or degrading, ask yourself...


And ya know what, the answer is usually, "Heck no!" *This is where I feel like I could stop the blog post because I'm sure you just had an "a-ha" moment. But I'm a rambler, so I'll keep going! ;-)*

Here's the deal, there's a lot of no good type stuff happening in the world right now. What if, we started to love ourselves a little deeper, what if we started to love ourselves the way we love our friends, family, and partners? 

Remember that love begins within you. So be gentle, keep practicing positive self-talk, and watch your world become a little bit brighter.