Going from Stuck to Inspired!


Do you ever feel stuck in the same routine? I don't know about you but I'm a creature of habit and while that can be a good thing, sometimes I get stuck in a rut. This rut leaves me feeling unmotivated, boring, and sometimes gets me emotional.

Can you relate??

Here are three ways that I like to pull myself out of that mundane, robotic feeling.

Exercise 1: Get into Your Flow, yo!

  • Begin by sitting down with a pen, a piece of paper, and a warm cup of tea, hot chocolate, wine - whatever floats your boat.
  • Think back in your life to times or activities where you were so enthralled that time zoomed by without even realizing it. This is an example of getting into your flow.
  • Examples would be painting, running, baking, exploring, writing, wood work, gardening, and oh so many other things.
  • After you have a few things down on your list, carve out a time each week to practice your "Flow" item.
  • Schedule it in and DO NOT cancel on yourself.
  • Challenge: do at least ONE HOUR a week for FOUR weeks of a "flow item."

Exercise 2: Explore the Unknown!

  • Do you ever think about something and hear yourself say, "It'd be really cool to know how to do that or to know more about that!" Then you let it pass and never dive deeper into it again?
  • In this exercise, I want you to create a note on your phone, at your desk, or anywhere you will have easy access to see and add to it when inspiration strikes.
  • Every time you think of something outside of the normal realm that interests you, I want you to write it down.
  • Challenge: Begin devoting once a week to diving deeper into information around this topic and/or trying it out.
  • These topics should ideally be something outside of your normal day to day activities and especially outside of your job scope. However, sometimes you will find yourself wanting to dive deeper into info around your profession and that's fine. Just make sure you're allowing yourself to step away from that world, as well.
  • Some examples would be: equestrian, bow hunting, remodeling your home, raising organic pigs, photography, storm tracking - there is honestly nothing too strange to explore here!

Exercise 3: Remix Your Routine!

  • Confusing your brain is a good thing. In fact, it can bring a great sense of renewed exploration. Try mixing up something you routinely do 2-3 times per week.
  • For example, take a new route home or to work, make a new meal, try a different type of workout, go to a new grocery store, order a new drink at the coffee shop. You get the picture.

Give these simple, little tricks a try and see what happens to your inspiration, motivation, and how it benefits your happiness. I think you'll find it sparks some new excitement in your life.