Make Grocery Shopping Simple

Photo by Lemon Drops Photography

Photo by Lemon Drops Photography

It’s the new year, you’ve got yourself set-up for success! You’re going to KILL it! You’ve gotten clear on your goal and clear on your “WHY!” Click here for help on getting clarity on your “WHY!”

You’ve redefined your success markers. For some guidance on that, check this out!

You’ve cleaned out your cupboards. If you need more help there, check out my blog post here. And now, it’s time to go grocery shopping. This can be no small feat. However, with these simple tips, you can make grocery shopping easy, hassle free, and dare I say, almost enjoyable!!

First and foremost, you must get clear on what meals you are going to make for the week and what items you need to make those delicious meals. So, make a list of your meal and then begin forming your list.

While making your list, make sure to think about what items you already have to avoid doubling up. Especially when it comes to canned goods and spices. We always end up with a dozen of the same items, it seems. I suggest making your list while in or close to your kitchen. If you’re not sure about an item, check for it. This list should only consist of your recipe items, any extra items you might need on the side, like sweet potatoes. As well as, any health snack items you need. Check out this blog post for help with sugar free snacks.

Now for the fun part, my absolute favorite way to shop is order online. You can either have the groceries delivered or you can go pick them up. Just go online and search to see which grocery stores in your area provide pickup and delivery. Make an account, add items from you list and submit your order. This is great for people on the go or if you’re just not a fan of hassling at the store.

If you’re like me and enjoy grocery shopping and therefore, make time to browse the store. Make sure when you enter, you stick to mainly the outside of the grocery store. Keep you list in front of you at all times and check off each item as you get it. Avoid adding unnecessary items into your cart and when you get up to the register keep your eyes forward and off of the tempting goodies lining the register area.

After you get your groceries home, or have them delivered, my suggestion is to get your veggies cup up right away, allow any protein to thaw out if necessary, and put things away to avoid any snacking.

Hopefully these tips will help you to find grocery shopping more enjoyable and easy so you commit to keep good, healthy foods on hand that steer you in the direction of your goals.

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