No Talkie before Coffee☕

We've all seen it and we are all probably guilty of it too...


What am I talking about? Ya know, the mugs that say, "no talkie before coffee" or "mama needs her coffee" or "behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee" or "coffee = survival juice." You've seen them all, I'm sure.

In fact, you may even have a mug or decor in your kitchen with one of these sayings on it. (I'm not pointing any fingers because I have one too!) 

But, as I was drinking out of it today I thought to myself, "Why do we glorify being so exhausted that we need a cup of caffeine to get us rolling?" That, my friends, is quite an interesting concept. 

What I'd like to propose is that instead of glorifying being totally wiped, we use this as a beautiful signal from our body to slow down. You see, instead of giving coffee/caffeine props for dragging your tired a$$ out of bed every morning, take this exhaustion as a sign from your body. 

And don't worry, I'm not saying drop the coffee for life. However, I find it vastly important to know your natural energy levels without caffeine. When we are pumping our bodies full of this stuff day in and day out, we have no idea what that energy level actually looks like. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my coffee. But I often take a break from it to let me body & energy recharge on its own naturally. 

This allows me to hear those signals loud & clear without being masked. So, I encourage you to do the same. 

My challenge: Remove caffeine from your diet for 21 days, gauge where your energy levels naturally are, listen to the signs your body is telling you and if you find that your beautiful cup of Joe in the morning is more of a treat for you then a requirement by all means, bring it back in. 

However, sometimes, we find that our bodies function better without it, our adrenals calm down, our sleep improves, our digestion settles, our stress stabilizes and our brain fog disappears. In the long run, having control over your body and how it reacts to things is the ultimate goal. 

So take a little time to get off the Joe and let your body show you what it really needs. Try these things to improve your energy naturally without caffeine: 
  • Shoot for 7.5-8 hours of sleep each night. 
  • Cut out inflammatory foods. 
  • Minimize sugar to 20g or less per day. (Opt for natural when possible)
  • Practice deep breathing. 
  • Play and relax!
  • Exercise.
  • Drink more water.