Quick Tip for Better Sleep

I love my sleep! And I find most of my clients do too. Let's be honest, who doesn't love sleep. The one problem I find across the board, however, is that people wish they could get more of it. Say, "Amen!" if you agree! 

So, why is it that while our exhausted bodies climb into bed, we allow our brains to stay turned on thinking of all the things we didn't get done that day? 


What a precious thing to waste! Thank goodness there's a quick fix for this --

Before you go to bed, take a quick moment to focus on ALL of the things you DID get done that day. If it helps to visually see them all, put a journal next to your bed and write this list down.

This list can include a variety of things from getting the kids to their events on time to finishing a work project to making the bed that morning, and beyond. Nothing is too small for this list of your daily accomplishments. 

This quick, little exercise will help to shift your mind from a state of lack to abundance and help you get those well earned z's! Make the list and then celebrate yourself for being productive! When you look at your day in this light, it's amazing to realize all that you've accomplished. 

Make the list, pat yourself on the back, let a big sigh of air out and let the day be just as it is. You've accomplished all that you needed to. You're amazing and you deserve to realize this. 

Go the extra mile and ask your partner something he/she is proud of that they accomplished that day. Share yours back with them. This is another great exercise to bring you and your significant other closer and to finish the day with gratitude and abundance.