What I Eat in a Day!


I was told that it would be helpful if I wrote out what I eat in an average day. Please keep in mind that my workout days look different than my rest days. My workout days usually have more protein in them and my rest days generally are more veggies, sometimes no meat, and less calories. I'll try to lay out both for you. 


  • I wake up and scrape my tongue then warm up my lemon water with a dash of sea salt. I drink this about 1/2 hour prior to eating. Sometimes I'll do a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar - good to get the digestive juices flowing. I also use DigestZen on my tummy at this time. 
  • After doing my morning affirmations, journaling, meditating, I make espresso with my Collagen Peptides. (*On my non-workout days or if I'm not working out in the morning, I will sometimes do a "latte" blend with full fat coconut cream blended into this.)
  • On a workout day, I'll keep it simple and do eggs or breakfast sausage and add some sauteed veggies.
  • On a rest day, I will do grain-free porridge or CoYo yogurt. Basically, I do a big old fat bomb of some sort! 


  • I usually do some sort of Ginger Tea here with a dash of lemon and a drop of Ginger Essential Oil. Great for taming the tummy, aiding in digestion, and minimizing any bloat.
  • If I worked out, I will mix up a protein shake after my workout. I like Equip Prime  because it's dairy free and sits well with me. 


  • I usually always do a kale salad with chopped up almonds or cashew, carrots, and Primal Kitchen Dressing.
  • If I workout, I'll usually have something that I have leftover from the night before. Often fajitas, roast, and some sort of veggie too. I rarely do carbs for my lunch. 
  • I'll also shoot to have some raw veggies here.


  • I usually don't get very hungry in the afternoon but if I do, my go-to is raw peppers, carrots, and/or celery with Wholly Guacamole or a scoop of raw nut butter. 


  • This always varies but for me, I focus on a high-quality protein, LOTS of veggies, and I usually do a carb. Carbs sit well with ME at night and help me to sleep like a baby. They are also bio-available for me in the morning when I go workout.
  • A note on the veggies, I eat all my raw veggies in the morning through early afternoon. Raw veggies require more from your body to breakdown so I always cook my veggies for dinner to aid in the process prior to bedtime so my body can focus on detoxifying at night instead of breaking down food. 


This was more of a layout than an exact list of what I ate but I hope it helps and I hope it gives you some ideas or clarity around if you're eating enough, too much, or the right kind of stuff. 

Comment below with any questions you have!