Ann B. 


I was one of those tentative starters—I was self-conscious, had never worked with a trainer or coach, and was reluctant to start.  But my sister encouraged me, thankfully, and wanted me to meet Kylee, whom she said she just loved.  So I took the step, and one of the main things I discovered was why did I wait so long?

Kylee taught me to accept where I was and to love myself for being there.  She taught me that caring for my body, appreciating it, and listening to what it told me resulted in a healthy, loving relationship with myself.  Her daily affirmations were wonderful gifts that helped me through my days and weeks.  Kylee changed me physically, mentally, and spiritually, and opened up in me a whole new, deeper appreciation for myself.  I started to heal—my stiffness and daily physical pain started to go away.  For the first time in years, I didn’t think about pain or aging or all the things I couldn’t do.  Powered on by such improvement, I started to work out with Kylee as my trainer.  Again, she patiently and lovingly took me through the paces.  I am now a regular—I train at least three times a week, have radically changed my diet, feel empowered and excited about life, and have the energy and stamina to take it on.  I feel enormous gratitude for the gift of myself, the gift of life, and the gift of health.  I discovered these blessings through Kylee, whose guidance brought me back in touch with the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of who I am.  She is a tremendous teacher, a wonderful and loving role model, and a wise woman.  Kylee changed my life.


Lana S.

Working with Kylee was so inspiring!  She is such a positive person who kept me on track by pushing me in only positive ways.  She knows her stuff, which made it a joy to work with her.  I learned so much along the way...things I now put into use when choosing what to eat, how to treat myself, and my whole outlook on life in general!



Erica C.



Jill P. 

It has been my good fortune over the past 7 months to have Kylee as my Life Coach.  Kylee is a dedicated, reliable, hard working, friendly, and a focused professional who is genuinely concerned with her clients achieving their long or short term life goals.  Kylee's strong knowledge, drive, communication and leadership skills have had a huge influence and impact on my life.  I have flourished from her support, resourcefulness, generosity and positive outlook.  Kylee is an exceptional young lady and a delight to work with.  I explicitly state my strong recommendation to work with Kylee.  She will always put 'extra care' into you!!


I couldn't imagine a better person to have as a wellness coach. She has such an easy way of connecting with people, understanding where they're at, and continually inspiring - simply by making it seem like reaching the next level of your potential each day is just the most natural thing in the world. Then, before I knew it, I was seeing an awesome transformation in my body and my confidence in my physical abilities.