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A portion of the profits from this Retreat will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


New to the 2018 Retreat:

  • More yoga w/ Yogi Cassie from Ganesha Yoga

  • Guided Journaling w/ Artist Nichole Rae

  • Wine tasting w/ expert Nikki Ness

  • More door prizes

  • 2018’s theme: Showing up with intention

A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $297! One these spots are sold out, the price will go up.

Find out what they are saying about last years retreat:

"This weekend has been absolutely eye opening, difficult at times, and amazing. Not only did we get some amazing information, but we were able to connect with so many wonderful women. Although I was forced to take a hard look at myself, what I learned and what I will take away as my inspiration moving forward is absolutely invaluable! I leave here with such hope and excitement for what I can accomplish in life. I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in a long. long. time." - 2017 Spirit Sister


"Our spirit sister retreat has been such an amazing experience for me. I've enjoyed bonding with these beautiful women + have learned so much from them. I've learned that we all struggle and have self-doubt but love + radiating love can conquer those doubts & struggles. I'm on my own journey in finding my own self-love, inner peace, and my truth. Taking this time for ME and my spirit sisters has helped me on my journey. It will always remain in my heart as a beautiful experience." - 2017 Spirit Sister


A Transformational Women's Weekend Retreat

The seclusion of the Dakota prairies provides the perfect amount of mystery and rustic ambiance to house our unique and transformative retreat. Join us where you can feel the wind kiss your cheeks, hear the trees sway, and connect deeper with the stars above. Just as these elements restore themselves with the changing of season, so should we. 

Perhaps you're too in need of a little restoration, a little rejuvenation, and a little space to find peace & clarity. 

Spirit Sisters Retreat provides an experience of deeper mind, body, and soul connection through movement, nutrition, and personal development. This one of a kind retreat will deepen your connection with the beauty within yourself, along with the beauty of the other women who you will come to call friends over the weekend.  

Our schedule will not only guide you to feed your soul, but show you how to feed & fuel your body properly. It will also provide you with moments of stillness & movement through yoga and gentle workouts. As a group, we will discuss real, honest topics around being a woman, we will excite our tastebuds with wine tasting, and awaken our feminine energy within through exercises to ignite and inspire you. This retreat will hold beautiful space for you to expand and grow in whatever way you personally need to. 

A portion of the profits from this Retreat will go to the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center.

A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $297! One these spots are sold out, the price will go up.


"This was an amazing, uplifting, freeing experience for me. I thought it was well organized, though out, & purposeful. It felt like a big hug and love/soul driven. I am grateful for you and to you. I learned a lot & was reinforced in many of my thoughts and feelings. I feel peace in my soul as I move back to everyday life." - 2017 Spirit Sister


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